IMG_0068what plants are we growing and how do it help your body.We planted vegetables . We planted broccoli, onions,tomatoes,rose mint cabbage . It help your body because it is good for your body.Also it make  us have a a good body.

Why should people grow their own food?

IMG_0059People should grow their own food because it’s healthy. It’s unhealthy to buy food from the store. If you grow your own food it doesn’t have any sugar,calories or fat. Also, it’s much easier to grow your own food because you don’t have to spend any money.That’s why people should grow their own food.



Hi I’m Naveh  and I  planted some thyme ‘cabbage onions. Then I planted some  collard greens and broccoli. Then me and my teacher and friends planted tomatoes ‘ watered  the plants


Farm brainstorm

On factory farms cows don’t eat grass. They actually eat corn there. On this kind of farm the machines do the work. It’s like prison. In a free range farm cows eat grass and roam freely. Humans do the work. They both slaughter their animals.

You can watch some videos about factory and free range farms here:

Virtual Farm trip

Free Range: A Short Documentary (warning–this video is biased toward vegetarianism)

The Food Pyramid


We learned how different food affects our body.

Grains: gives us energy to learn and play.

Vegetables: helps you get healthy and gives you energy.

Fruits: helps you get better from illnesses and colds.

Dairy: helps you get healthy bones.

Meats and Beans: makes your muscles grow.


In Urban tree we made food. On the first day we made some sweet we made two kinds of potato fries. One kind we made was salt, our other kind we made was cinnamon. I like the cinnamon kind better. The other day we made butter nut squash with apples. I thought that was very” different”. But other than that I thought it was great.